Commercial Solutions

Trion has a wide variety of commercial indoor air quality solutions to help keep your business environment clean.

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Industrial Solutions

Learn how Trion technology is able to remove smoke, oil, and dirt caused from industrial machinery and processes.

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Residential Solutions

Using Trion’s air cleaners can help improve your health, make you feel more comfortable, and protect your home.

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Kitchen Exhaust Solutions

Remove grease, smoke, oil mist, odors, and other contaminants from your kitchen for peak performance.

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New Product: ComfortBreeze™ CB777

The CB777 centrifugal atomizing humidifier is installed onto the return duct where a superfine mist is generated, quickly absorbed into the air, and distributed into the home; or, it can also operate as a free standing unit where a superfine mist is fed directly in to a room.

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Featured Literature

Use our new guide to determine which of our humidifiers will work best with your heating app!

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