Air Boss® MP600M

Industrial mist collector

When it comes to industrial air purification, the MP600M is the ideal choice to help you improve employee safety and working conditions, protect equipment and plant fixtures, and reduce plant maintenance.

  • Cleans and re-circulates indoor air—no expense to reheat or cool air
  • Wall, platform, or machine mounting
  • Eliminates the need for elaborate ductwork and saves floor space
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Product Overview

Air contamination problems? We’ve got answers. Designed to remove oil mist, coolant mist, and smoke at the source, TRION’s Air Boss MP600M helps you eliminate harmful air pollutants, stay in compliance with OSHA and EPA standards, and keep your workers safe and healthy. Made in the USA, the MP600M is ideal for capturing contaminants such as water-soluble, synthetic, and petroleum-based coolants; grinding dust generated from operations such as screw machines, surface and centerless grinders, CNCs, turning lathes, and parts cleaning systems; and many other applications.
Product Overview


Superior Solutions
Superior Solutions

TRION Air Boss products have been collecting mist, dust, smoke, and fumes for decades using time-tested technologies to work for all environments and application needs.

Lower Cost Of Ownership
Lower Cost of Ownership

The MP600M cleans and recirculates indoor air, reducing the expense of reheating or cooling air.

Improved Indoor Air Quality
Improved Indoor Air Quality

IAQ products maintain optimal humidity levels and clean indoor air to alleviate irritations associated with dry or stale air, and health problems resulting from bacteria and airborne viruses.


  • Collects wet or dry particulates
  • The vertical design increases draining of filters for better collection efficiency
  • Optional HEPA filter with 99.9% efficiency on 0.3 micron particles
  • Versatile in a wide range of applications
  • Wired directly to the machine tool control and operates only when the machine tool does
  • Hinged filter access door

Technical Specification

Input Voltage 120/60/1 Blower Forward Curved Blower
Controls On/Off Switch Box Filters 2” deep Impinger; 2” deep Synthetic Pre-filter; 95% efficiency Primary Filter (per ASHRAE 52.1)
Motor 1/2HP Direct Drive Motor, Thermally Protected