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For over 60 years,Trion® has been designing and producing high-quality solutions for indoor air humidification. These products have evolved to integrate the latest technology to keep you as comfortable as possible. Commercial Humidifier® is confident that they offer the most efficient and effective humidification products on the market today. Their solutions include steam and atomizing humidifiers for commercial and industrial use.

Contact your local TRION representative for help achieving your indoor air quality goals.

  • Can operate with a wide range of water qualities, including softened water
  • Flexible installation with a direct room distribution blower
  • ETL-listed

  • Well suited for humidors, computer rooms, laboratories, and telecommunications
  • The 6500-1 at 115 VAC can deliver 4 lbs/hr of steam output. Supporting higher capacity requirements, the 6500-2 powered at 230 VAC delivers double the output to 8 lbs/hr. Both the 6500-1 and 6500-2 are ETL-listed.

  • Metered orifices
  • Short steam absorption
  • Stainless Steel Precision Nozzles

  • Low maintenance
  • High turndown ratio
  • Well suited for office buildings, data centers, schools, and manufacturing

  • Evaporative cooling benefits
  • On/Off control
  • Installation flexibility

  • Ideal for high-heat processes, the Herrdraulic removes approximately 1,070 BTUs of heat energy
  • Energy-efficient design
  • Well-suited for office buildings, data centers, warehouses and cold storage

  • A versatile commercial humidification solution, the Herrtronic-MD Series is available with a wide variety of steam distribution packages, including room distribution units, standard duct dispersion, and the more advanced Herricane™ CS series.
  • Well suited for office buildings, computer rooms, laboratories, and telecommunications

  • Cleanable stainless steam vaporization chamber
  • Adjustable drain/skimmer cycles
  • Works with Herricane™ or EST dispersion tubes

  • Purity of Steam Humidification
  • Compatible with Raw or Technical Waters
  • Utilizes Existing Energy Source
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