Atomizing, Evaporative, and Steam Humidifiers

We’d like to introduce your lungs to their new best friend: a TRION whole-house humidifier. Choose from our wide variety of easy-to-install humidifiers so you can start breathing cleaner, more comfortable air. Whether you’re looking for an atomizing, evaporative, or steam humidification system, our automated home humidifiers have you covered.

From the Comfort Breeze line—offering innovations in water saving technology — to environmentally humidifiers like the Mister MINI, there are a variety of options for your whole-home humidifier needs.

  • Versatile installation: Fan-powered models are compatible with any type furnace system: single stage, variable speed, or modulating
  • The CB100S provides LED indication of fault codes and when evaporative pad replacement is necessary.
  • The CB100S can be installed so that a “call for heat” is not required for the unit to deliver humidification. H2OSmart equipped models feature a relay that can power the HVAC blower.

  • Flexible humidity control; models are available with conventional mechanical humidistats or electronic humidistats with an outdoor temperature sensor
  • Universal humidistat featuring duct or wall mounting and mechanical or electronic control of humidity
  • Push-to-lock fittings simplify installation and provide worry-free operation

  • Reduce energy costs and improve comfort
  • Increasing the home’s relative humidity to 40% - 60% makes it feel more comfortable at 68ºF / 20ºC than it does at 73ºF / 23ºC at a low relative humidity level
  • Lower thermostat settings deliver substantial savings on monthly energy bills

  • Water inlet located on the bottom of the unit via a 1/4-inch compression fitting
  • Drain connection located on the bottom of the unit; connects to a 1-inch drain line (included)
  • ETL-listed

  • Self-piercing saddle valve and a 24v brass solenoid valve makes installation easy
  • Wide 6" duct collar for ease of installation
  • Uses standard humidifier 24 VAC power input

  • Mister-MINI ® includes a mechanical humidistat that will cycle the humidifier to maintain an accurate and comfortable humidity level.
  • Capacity Output: 12.5 Gallons Per Day @ 60 PSI
  • 100% of the atomized water is introduced into the air stream ensuring that no water is wasted