Pollution Control Units for Commercial Kitchen Exhaust

Our filtration units for commercial cooking applications are designed to treat oil, grease, smoke and odor emissions from exhaust ducts in compliance with national and local codes.

Our electrostatic precipitators are configured with multiple stages of filtration for both particulate and odor control and provide a cost-effective alternative to ventilation systems that rely on disposable air filters. While air filters increase pressure drop and generally require higher horsepower requirements to maintain design airflow, an electrostatic precipitator operates at a constant pressure drop and employs an automatic wash system to minimize maintenance.  

Dirty air is drawn into the unit where the airborne particles then pass through a high-voltage electrostatic field. There the particles receive an ionized charge and move into a collector section with charged and grounded plates. The charged plates repel the contaminants toward the opposite-polarity grounded plates, which attract and collect the particles like magnets. The result is clean air exhaust, typically via side wall discharge louvers.

These units work well for air with a high concentration of particles, like that of a kitchen hood exhaust system. Kitchen air quality can easily be reduced from the smoke, grease, and odors of cooking. But electrostatic precipitators keep airflow constant, meaning they are continually cleaning and refreshing the air. An electrostatic precipitator in your kitchen exhaust system will give you the best kitchen environment possible.

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Electrostatic precipitator facts:

  • Automatic wash system
  • Constant and consistent airflow
  • High collection efficiency on sub-micron particles
  • Reusable filter components
  • Cheaper life-cycle cost