How Media Air Cleaners Work for Industrial Processes

Media air cleaners draw air into the first of two (and sometimes three) stages: pre-filter, primary filter, and occasionally a HEPA final filter. The pre-filter captures large particles and mist droplets and prolongs the life of the second-stage filter. The second-stage primary filter collects smaller submicron particles through methods of straining, interception, and diffusion. These two filters are usually sufficient to capture most of the dust, mist, and particles in the air. If higher efficiency is needed to filter out harmful smoke such as galvanized welding, a HEPA-rated final filter can be added.

Media air cleaners can be configured to handle just about any industrial air filtration application. Whether you’re dealing with dry dust, oily smoke, or sticky welding fumes, the TRION® media air cleaner can filter it. Contact your local representative to learn more.

Media air cleaner facts:

  • Multiple filter and motor/blower configurations supported
  • Flexible installation options