Humidifying and cooling

Don’t lose your cool! Muggy meeting rooms or cracked winter skin are things of the past with the Herrmidicool®. A humidifying and cooling system, this solution can be used to make industrial and commercial buildings more comfortable.

  • Self-cleaning nozzles
  • Full modulating control
  • Evaporative cooling
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Product Overview

The Herrmidicool® has a proven reputation for precision control of relative humidity. Herrmidicool® is energy-efficient, easy to install, and cost-effective. It incorporates a control technique that monitors not only the room humidity conditions, but also the supply duct conditions to provide accurate modulation for every environment. The system controls are electronic and can be interfaced with existing environmental control systems for more efficient operation.
Product Overview


Improved Indoor Air Quality
Improved Indoor Air Quality

IAQ products maintain optimal humidity levels and clean indoor air to alleviate irritations associated with dry or stale air, and health problems resulting from bacteria and airborne viruses.

Precise, Consistant Temperatures
Precise, Consistant Temperatures

Many IAQ products help create the proper humidity levels, which keep you feeling cooler in warm months and feeling warmer in cold months.

Superior Solutions
Superior Solutions

For more than 50 years, Commercial Humidifier has been using the latest technology to design and produce the most efficient and effective humidification products in the market today.

Lower Cost Of Ownership
Lower Cost of Ownership

Dry air feels cooler. Optimized humidity levels provide increased indoor comfort — and lowered energy cost.


  • Low maintenance
  • Well suited for office buildings, data centers, schools, and manufacturing
  • High turndown ratio