Herrdraulic™ High-Pressure Humidification System

Energy-efficient industrial humidification

If you’re looking for a highly efficient, high-pressure humidification system, you’ve found it. The Herrdraulic uses roughly 1/10 the energy of an air/water atomization system, 1/80 the energy of a fossil fuel-fired boiler, and 1/350 the energy of an electric steam humidifier—which means lower electric bills for your business.

  • Evaporative cooling benefits
  • Variable speed pump
  • High turndown ratio
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Product Overview

This high-tech humidifier provides adiabatic (without a transfer of heat) humidification solutions for both air handler/duct and open-space applications, and a positive displacement pump generates fine droplets in combination with its adiabatic evaporative process.
Product Overview


Improved Indoor Air Quality
Improved Indoor Air Quality

IAQ products maintain optimal humidity levels and clean indoor air to alleviate irritations associated with dry or stale air, and health problems resulting from bacteria and airborne viruses.

Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance

Unlike other micro-misting systems, the Herrdraulic does not use compressed air or ultra-sonic vibrators; thus maintenance is minimized.

Precise, Consistant Temperatures
Precise, Consistant Temperatures

Many IAQ products help create the proper humidity levels, which keep you feeling cooler in warm months and feeling warmer in cold months.


  • Ideal for high-heat processes, the Herrdraulic removes approximately 1,070 BTUs of heat energy
  • Well-suited for office buildings, data centers, warehouses and cold storage
  • Energy-efficient design

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