FM1000M Ceiling Mounted Air Cleaner

Ceiling Mounted Air Cleaner

Improve the indoor air quality of your facility

  • MERV 14 primary filter
  • Coanda effect airflow pattern
  • No added expense to reheat or cool air
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Product Overview

Improving indoor air quality is a hot topic for facility managers and business owners. The FM1000M is a clean air solution that does not get in the way or take up floor space. With a low profile, the unit fits into a 2’ x4’ ceiling panel and offers a clean air delivery rate over 700 that is adjustable with speed controls. With the capability to remove 95% of pollutants including smoke, dust and pollen you can offer MERV 14 level of filtration to almost any environment with no elaborate ductwork or installation.
Product Overview


Clean Air
Clean air

Significantly improves indoor air quality

Easy Installation
Easy installation

Fits into any 2’ x4’ ceiling panel

Merv 14 Filtration
MERV 14 filtration

Helps mitigate airborne pathogen spread


  • Clean Delivery Rate over 700
  • Coanda airflow effect
  • Removes 95% of pollutants
  • No elaborate ductwork or installation
*3-year limited warranty on cabinet