Air Boss® VOMP600

Vertical oil mist precipitator

How can you make your plant a safe, healthy environment for workers? Remove oil/coolant mist and smoke at the source with an industrial air cleaner.

  • Wall, platform, or machine mounting to eliminate the need for elaborate ductwork and save floor space
  • Can be wired directly to the machine tool control and operates only when the machine tool does
  • Spiked ionizer increases efficiency and reliability
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Product Overview

What can TRION’s Vertical Oil Mist Precipitator (VOMP) 600 electronic mist collector do for you? It can help you check off a whole lot of important boxes. Does it bring you into compliance with OSHA and EPA standards? Check. Improve employee safety and working conditions? Check. Protect equipment and plant fixtures? Check. Reduce plant maintenance cost? You guessed it—check. The VOMP 600 can be mounted directly on the machine tool for source capture of contaminants, like water-soluble, synthetic, and petroleum-based coolants and smoke.
Product Overview


Superior Solutions
Superior Solutions

TRION Air Boss products have been collecting mist, dust, smoke, and fumes for decades using time-tested technologies to work for all environments and application needs.

High Efficiency
High Efficiency

Featuring up to 95% efficiency at 0.3 microns.

Save Money
Save Money

The low airflow resistance reduces energy costs, while the precipitator cleans and re-circulates indoor air—cutting down on the expense of reheating or cooling air.


  • Venturi-assisted high-voltage insulator forces clean air across critical areas of the insulator to provide longer service intervals
  • Forward-curved Blower
  • 16 ga. Galvanized Steel Cabinet with Blue Paint Finish
  • Eliminates filter replacement costs with a collector cell made of washable aluminum plates.

Technical Specification

Input Voltage 120/60/1 or 240/60/1 Air Volume 330-800 CFM
Blower Forward Curved Depth 17.4”
Height 42.9” Inlet Connection 8” diameter, right side
Motor ½ HP Weight 121 lbs.
Width 21.7”