CA3000C & CA6000C Cartridge Air Cleaners

High-efficiency cartridge filters

How can you remove harmful air pollutants and keep your workers safe and healthy? TRION Cartridge Air Cleaners are excellent for industrial applications where heavy smoke, powders, and dust create unhealthy and hazardous environments.

  • Each filter is pulsed independently—resulting in better cartridge cleaning during the cleaning cycle
  • Three pulse options: manual pulse (initiate when desired), timed pulse with 7-day clock (initiate at predetermined intervals), on-demand sensed pulse (initiate at set static pressure)
  • Backward-inclined airfoil fan offers energy-efficient, quiet operation
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Product Overview

Designed for high efficiency, self-cleaning, easy serviceability, and long filter life, TRION's CA3000C and CA6000C Cartridge Air Cleaners can be used in either source-capture or unducted applications. And you’ll get more for your money—our filter cartridges , which means that the filters last longer and hold more dirt. Win, win.
Product Overview


Superior Solutions
Superior Solutions

TRION Air Boss products have been collecting mist, dust, smoke, and fumes for decades using time-tested technologies to work for all environments and application needs.

Durable And Efficient
Durable and Efficient

Long-life filter cartridges provide up to 99% efficiency at 0.5 microns, clean eight times as much surface area as comparable bag media air cleaners, and feature high dust-holding capacity

Easier Maintenance
Easier Maintenance

In-place cartridge cleaning usescompressed air, minimizing maintenance and reducing downtime, while Side access doors simplify maintenance and cartridge removal


  • 16 ga. Galvanized Steel Cabinet with Blue Paint Finish
  • Diaphragm Pulse Valves
  • Compressed Air Tank

Technical Specification

Blower Direct Drive, Backward Inclined Airfoil (CA3000C); Belt Drive, Backward Inclined Airfoil (CA6000C) Dimensions 68” L x 46” W x 35” H (CA3000C), 99” L x 49” W x 53” H (CA6000C)
Dry Weight 750 lbs. (CA3000C), 1,100 lbs. (CA6000C) Main Filter 4 Cellulose Cartridge Filters with 904 ft2 total surface area (CA3000C); 9 Cellulose Cartridge Filters with 2,034 ft2 total surface area (CA6000C); Efficiency to 99.9% @ 0.5 microns. Other filter options available.
Motor 5 HP, TEFC (CA3000C), 7.5 HP, TEFC (CA6000C) Prefilter Aluminum Mesh, Impinger, Perforated Plate
Shipping Weight 890 lbs. (CA3000C), 1,400 lbs. (CA6000C) Sound Rating 72 dBA
Source Capture Plenums available. Voltage 208/60/3, 230/60/3, 460/60/3 (CA3000C); 208/60/3, 230/60/3, 460/60/3 (CA6000C)