DI3000 & DI3500

Industrial Media Air Cleaner

The Trion Air Boss Dual Inlet provides clean air and removes environmental contaminants through two stages of media filtration.

  • Dual inlet design
  • Two 4” pleated, MERV 8 prefilters
  • Two MERV 14 bag filters
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How it Works

Dirty air is drawn through both ends of the DI Series units and passes through two stages of filtration. The filtered air then enters the blower and is discharged to the space through an adjustable grille. The unit can be wall-mounted, chain-hung, or suspended from threaded rod.
How it Works


Clean, Filtered Air
Clean, Filtered Air

The DI Series utilizes MERV8 pre-filters and MERV14 bag filters to provided clean air to the space. The DI Series works in many different applications including: smoke & dust contaminants, oil mist, diesel fumes, welding smoke & fumes, printing powder, and more.


  • Two stages of filtration to remove dust, smoke, and fumes.
  • 4-way adjustable discharge grille
  • Minihelic gauge installed for measuring pressure (0 to 2”)
  • Multiple voltages supported from 120, 208, 230, or 460V.
  • Four unit-mounted eyebolts included.