Flow-through evaporative humidifiers for maximum indoor air comfort

The compact Mister-MINI humidifiers are designed for smaller homes, but they still pack a serious punch of clean, comfortable air. They’re American-made and feature fast, easy installation.

  • Fast and easy installation—mounts directly to the duct in only a 3.125" x 3.125" opening.
  • Small enough to fit into areas where larger humidifiers will not.
  • Push-to-lock fittings: Water connections are easy and provide simple, worry free operation.
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Product Overview

What sets the Mister-MINI apart from the competition? This environmentally friendly humidifier uses less water than conventional flow-through humidifiers—so no water is wasted during operation, and no drain connection is required. The compact Mister-MINI operates by dispersing a fine mist into the warm air supply duct of your heating system; the water then evaporates and is carried throughout your home by the furnace air flow. The result? Optimal humidity for your home—and increased comfort. The Mister-MINI humidistat and built-in temperature switch work automatically to ensure the perfect level of humidity, and the built-in temperature switch prevents operation if the temperature in the warm air duct isn’t adequate for effective evaporation. The universal humidistat, installed either on the wall or in the cold air return duct, turns on the unit when your home’s humidity level falls below the set point for controlled comfort you can count on.
Product Overview


Clean Humidity
Clean Humidity

Mister-MINI introduces atomized water directly to the airstream so there is no standing water to become stagnant.

Improved Indoor Air Quality
Improved Indoor Air Quality

IAQ products maintain optimal humidity levels and clean indoor air to alleviate irritations associated with dry or stale air and health problems resulting from bacteria and airborne viruses.

Superior Solutions
Superior Solutions

TRION Air Boss products have been collecting mist, dust, smoke, and fumes for decades using time-tested technologies to work for all environments and application needs.


  • Mister-MINI ® includes a mechanical humidistat that will cycle the humidifier to maintain an accurate and comfortable humidity level.
  • 100% of the atomized water is introduced into the air stream ensuring that no water is wasted
  • Tilt-out nozzle assembly ensures simplified maintenance by allowing quick access to the key parts of the unit
  • Capacity Output: 12.5 Gallons Per Day @ 60 PSI
  • An environmentally friendly humidifier uses less water than conventional flow-through humidifiers. No water is wasted during operation and no drain connection is required.
  • Versatile sizing capacity is easily increased or decreased by simply changing the nozzle