Herrmersion™ RE

Self-generating steam humidifier

See how this smart humidifier can transform your work environment with pure, sterile steam—allowing you to provide a safer, more comfortable workspace for your employees.

  • Native BACnet microprocessor controls
  • Simple touchscreen display
  • Incoloy sheathed heating elements
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Product Overview

Experience the purity and comfort of clean steam in your commercial or industrial space. The Herrmersion™ RE self-generating steam humidifier has a simple, intuitive menu interface and can operate with virtually all types of water to deliver pure, comfortable air. Use this efficient, high-tech humidifier in computer rooms, laboratories, telecommunication switch gear facilities, schools, offices, printing facilities, and other commercial environments. The Herrmersion™ RE is available with a wide variety of steam distribution packages, including room distribution units, standard duct dispersion, and the more advanced Herricane™ CS series with an available rapid absorption distance guarantee for critical applications.
Product Overview


Precise, Consistant Temperatures
Precise, Consistant Temperatures

Many IAQ products help create the proper humidity levels, which keep you feeling cooler in warm months and feeling warmer in cold months.

Lower Cost Of Ownership
Lower Cost of Ownership

Dry air feels cooler. Optimized humidity levels provide increased indoor comfort — and lowered energy cost.

Superior Solutions
Superior Solutions

For more than 50 years, Commercial Humidifier has been using the latest technology to design and produce the most efficient and effective humidification products in the market today.


  • Cleanable stainless steam vaporization chamber
  • Works with Herricane™ or EST dispersion tubes
  • Compatible with raw, softened, DI, or RO water
  • Adjustable drain/skimmer cycles
  • ETL listed