Air Boss Kitchen Exhaust System (KES)

Remove grease, oil, smoke, and cooking odors with efficient kitchen ventilation

Kitchen exhaust contains grease, smoke, and odors that reduce air quality. Air filters in kitchen ventilation systems can give your kitchen clean and safe air. With a kitchen exhaust system (KES), everyone is happy. You and your employees will have a safe working environment, your kitchen will pass EPA and local inspection, and odors won’t bother your neighbors. The Air Boss KES is a multifaceted, self-contained filtration unit that ensures maximum effectiveness with an electrostatic precipitator and optional media and odor-controlling carbon filters.

  • Agency listed to UL Category Code YYXS – YYXS7
  • MEA 288-01E and 88-99-E for New York City Dept. Of Buildings
  • UL 8782 listed for commercial cooking
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Product Overview

The electrostatic precipitator electrically charges particles, then collects them on polarized plates. The exhausted air, now filtered of grease, smoke, and oil particles, passes through a carbon filter to reduce odors. The Air Boss system keeps air compliant with EPA, state, and local air quality laws. Keep your space clean and fresh with a KES.
Product Overview


High Collection Efficiency
High Collection Efficiency

Removes up to 95% of airborne particles at 0.3 microns.

Code Compliant
Code Compliant

Meets EPA, state, and local air quality codes and regulations.

Superior Solutions
Superior Solutions

TRION Air Boss products have been collecting mist, dust, smoke, and fumes for decades using time-tested technologies to work for all environments and application needs.


  • Double-wall, insulated Cabinet
  • Cleaner, fresher kitchen exhaust that fosters goodwill with commerical and residential neighbors, along with federal, state, and local government agencies
  • Compliance with EPA, state, and local air quality laws and regulations
  • High efficiency at low, constant pressure drop

Technical Specification

Input Voltage 120/60/1 Afterfilter Aluminum Mesh (KES-2), 2 Aluminum Mesh (KES 4)
Collector Cell 2 at 30 lbs. each (60 lbs. total) (KES-2), 4 at 30 lbs. each (120 lbs. total) (KES 4) Dimensions 57” L x 36” W x 35” H (KES-2); 57” L x 60” W x 35” H (KES 4)
Dry Weight 480 lbs. (KES-2), 650 lbs. (KES 4) High Voltage Power Supply 1 PWM with Status LED (KES-2), 2 PWM with Status LEDs (KES 4)
Ionizer 1 at 5 lbs. (KES-2), 2 at 10 lbs. total (KES 4) Nozzles Ansul R102 Fire Suppression
Optional Media Filter 1 MERV 14 at 17 lbs. (KES-2), 2 MERV 14 at 17 lbs. each (KES 4) Optional Refillable Odor Control Modules 8 with 7 lbs. Activated Carbon per Module (56 lbs. Activated Carbon total) (KES-2), (16) with 7 lbs. Activated Carbon per Module (112 lbs. Activated Carbon total) (KES 4)
Prefilter Perforated Plate (KES-2), 2 Perforated Plate (KES 4)