Tridex APS Liquid Detergent

Keep your products clean

TRION products help clean your air, but what cleans your TRION products? For the exposed collecting elements of our products, the answer is Tridex detergent.

  • Low foaming
  • Good rinsing characteristics
  • Safe on soft metals and alloys such as brass and aluminum
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Product Overview

Tridex is an industrial-strength alkaline liquid detergent specifically developed to remove stubborn airborne deposits that coat the surfaces of our electrostatic filters. Deposits such as tar from tobacco smoke, dirt, cooking grease, dust, and other particles can coat the surfaces of our systems, affect efficiency, and be difficult for common detergents to penetrate. Because common detergents can’t penetrate deposit build-up, Tridex is designed to cut through even the thickest layer of grime. Tridex can be used on stoves, range hoods, furnaces, grills, and more for clean systems throughout your space.
Product Overview


Fast-Acting And Safe
Fast-Acting and Safe

Saves time by penetrating, lifting, and dispersing deposits quickly and doesn’t have corrosive effects on your equipment.

Superior Solutions
Superior Solutions

TRION Air Boss products have been collecting mist, dust, smoke, and fumes for decades using time-tested technologies to work for all environments and application needs.

Improved Indoor Air Quality
Improved Indoor Air Quality

IAQ products maintain optimal humidity levels and clean indoor air to alleviate irritations associated with dry or stale air, and health problems resulting from bacteria and airborne viruses.


  • Freeze-thaw stable
  • Effective in hard or soft water
  • Fast-acting
  • Penetrates,lifts,and disperses oil,grace and carbonized tar deposits.
  • Low foaming
  • Suspends residue for easy removal
  • No adverse corrosive effects on air cleaners

Technical Specification

Sizes 5-gallon drum, 55-gallon drum Strengths Concentrate (full strength; green), 2:1 concentration (purple), 4:1 concentration (orange), 10:1 concentration (blue-green)